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JT sawtooth wave jig is a new type of jigs. It is one of the types of modern gravity separation equi

JT sawtooth wave jig is a new type of jigs. It is one of the types of modern gravity separation equipment.

New it has formed series whose use is expanded. Such type of Gold jig uses electromagnetic stepless speed regulation which features even rotation, smooth ore current, strong adaptability to selected materials, good separation effects of medium and fine grains, and water saving. Since such Gold jig have large handling capacity and wide range of sorting particle sizes as well as are easy for operation and maintenance, they are mainly used to sort alluvial gold, tungsten ores, tin ores, hematite, and beach placer.
Traditional Gold jigs mostly adopt circumferential off-center drive. Their jigging pulsation curves are mostly sine waves. The ascending and descending water flow velocity and action time produced by septal movement are basically the same. These hinder the loosening of jig beds and layering of ore grain according to gravity. Therefore, the sorting ratio and recovery rate of equipment are affected.
Sawtooth wave jig are a kind of energy-saving gravity equipment development and improved on the basis of traditional jigs according to the theoretic layering law of jig beds. Their jigging pulsation curves take the shape of sawtooth waveform which gets the ascending water to travel more rapidly than the descending water. The ascending time is short while the descending time is long. The problem that the ascending and descending water flow and action time produced by sine wave and pulsation wave are the same is solved. The looseness of the bed is strengthened and suction function is alleviated so that the heavy ore grains in the minerals are able to precipitate fully and the sorting ratio ability and recovery rate of equipment are largely improved. Compared with sine wave jig through industrial tests, the recovery rate of sawtooth wave jig are higher than that of sine wave jigs respectively in Sn: 3.01%, W: 5.5%, Pb: 1.63%, and Zn: 2.04%. The water consumption is reduced by 30%to 40%. The area of flooring area is reduced by one-third and the stroke can be adjusted. Since electromagnetism governing-speed motors are adopted for dragging to enable the jig frequency to be steplessly regulated and their parameters reached advanced domestic level, such jigs are one of the ideal types of energy saving gravity separation equipment.
1. Box 2. Level 3.6 Bearing 7206 4.7.8 Adjustment gland 5. Gear shaft 9. Bearing 313 10. Bearing 8112 11. Crank shaft Nut 13. Dust cover 14. Drill drift 16. Cam 17. Drill drift seat 18. Shaft 19. Joint bearing inner ring 20. Joint bearing outer ring 21. Shaft sleeve 22. Shaft 24. Gear 25. Bearing 2216 26. Adjustment angle 28. Shaft 29. Bearing 7207 30. Bearing cover (roller) 31. Back cover plate 32. Adjusting screw
IV. Equipment Installation

For the Gold jig, the bottom surface of the frame must be installed horizontally to ensure the gradient of the screen in the tank is within the design scope.

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