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TRIO's Log Washers Scrub the Most Difficult Materials

A producer in the Southeastern region of North America who is ideally located in a high demand area for aggregate, chose log washer to help eliminate clay and wood from their otherwise valuable deposit.

Knowing how important the scrubbing/cleaning process is when trying to produce clean aggregates this producer investigated his options and based on advice from many operators in the region, contacted one of log washer’s valued equipment dealers.

This producer now operates many pieces of TRIO washing equipment to meet the specification required for clean aggregates.

In this particular plant, the material coming off the top and middle decks of a wash screen is discharged into two (2) TRIO 4430 log washers. The log washer’s scrub and clean the material. The log washers discharge the cleaned material into a TRIO TTCW4420 coarse material washer to float out any wood debris.

The material retained on the third deck of the washing screen is discharged into a TRIO TCW3618 coarse material washer which provides a final scrub before stockpiling. The fine material (Sand) passing through the bottom deck of the wash screen is flumed into a TRIO TTSW5434 twin sand screw which removes the minus 150 mesh–silt resulting in producing the specification sand required.

The net result is 600+ TPH of some of the cleanest material in the region.

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